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"Hamlet - A Stand up"

HAMLET - A STANDUP The entire tale of Hamlet by Roger Westberg will be shown in Pärnu during International Theatre Festival MONOMAFFIA.

He mimes, talks, sings and dances his way through Claudius’ murder of his brother, Ophelias despondant character and the stunning duel between Ophelia’s brother and Hamlet – solo!

One actor – one musician, directly from Stockholm, Sweden.

Hamlet - a stand up had it´s premiér 1992 and has played with great success ever since.
It has travelled New York Fringe festival, Edinburg Fringe festival, Denmark , Finland, Norway, Iceland, Nottingham (England) and the Faroe Islands.
He was honoured `Best actor´ at the theatre festival in Egypt, Cairo and by The Entertainment Guide in Sweden.

Roger Westberg himself has described the first act of the play as being 90% comedy and 10% tragedy, and the second part as the other way around.


The performance received the jury's special prize at the Monobaltia Festival 2009 and the jury's grand prix at the monodrama festival in Riga 2010.

Roger Westberg started his career at Skara Skolscen 1975, and from there he went to the Mimeline at University College of Dance in Stockholm.
1983 Roger Westberg and Peter Engkvist started Teater Pero.
They worked together for 12 years in many different productions, and 1993 they received the The Governements Child&Youth Theatre prize.
Roger has since then been very productive.
Playing, writing and directing plays.
Today he is the artistic leader of Boulevardteatern in Stockholm.

Peter Engkvist, Teater Pero:
Peter was educated at Skara skolscen 1975-76 and after that went to the Mimeline at University College of Dance in Stockholm.
Peter is the artistic leader for Teater Pero since 1983 but has also directed plays at Upsala Stadsteater, Helsingfors Stadsteater(Helsingin Kaupunginteatterin), Malmö Dramatiska Teater, Norbottens teatern, Stadsteatern(Borgarleikhúsið) och Nationalteatern (Þjóðleikhúsið) i Reykjavik, Dalateatern, Regionteatern Blekinge Kronoberg and Byteatern.
The play Mr Skallagrim received 2006 a price in Morgonbladet(Icelands biggest newspaper) and he has also been nominated Best director 2003 for “The man who” by Peter Brook and 2002 for “Waiting for Godot”.
Peter was rewarded with Honourable Mention at Barents TV-festival for “Himmelriket i ett mygghål “.And has has four times been represented at Teaterbiennalen in Sweden with3 different plays.
He directs most of the plays at Teater Pero and likes to dramatize the stories with the actors.